FR Skates - Freeride Combo Frames

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These FR Freeride Combo Frames can be mounted in two setup : 100/84/84/100 or 110/110/110

They are designed for a new Freestyle/Freeride trend, in a 165Mounting since there is nothing like this in the market today.

It gives the possibility to ride with a lot of mobility in the street using big wheels setup

The frames lengths is as short as possible for the setup possibly, and we builded it to make it so the frame is as low and as close to the boot as possible for maximum control.

We decided to put a 1mm rocker (Mini Rocker) to gain mobility since they are longer frame sizes. It make it so the rider can perform speed and keep a lot of control at the same time, without feeling a balance loss with the Mini Rocker.

  • COLOR: Black
  • FRAME TYPE: Flat
  • LENGTH: 271mm: 100/84/84/100 or 110/110/110
  • MOUNTING: 165mm
  • USE: Freestyle/Freeride