FR Skates - Freestyle Rockerable Frames

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The FR Skates Freestyle Frames. This new generation of frames combine two larger outer wheels for easier wheeling tricks, and two smaller wheels in the center to keep fluidity in freestyle transitions.

3 sizes available:
S - 219mm / 80-68-68-80 (4x72mm equivalent)
M - 231mm / 84-72-72-84 (4x76mm equivalent)
L - 237mm / 90-72-72-90 (4x80mm equivalent)

With the rockering system (2nd and 3rd wheels' axles) you can swtich between riding Flat or Rockered depending on your preference.
They are super low frames, and when using the Rockered Set-up, please check if there is enough clearing between the front wheel and the boot.
All frames sold in pairs with Axles and Spacers included.