FR Skates - UFS Freeride Rockered Frames

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The FR Skates UFS (uFR) Frames are here! 

These frames were designed with performance in mind! They are solid, super low center of gravity and the shortest possible for each wheel set-up.


273mm = 4x90mm Rockered

Depending on your skates' model, you may need an adaptor to be properly mounted on some boots/soul plates:  

The wheels overpass the frames by one millimeter, so depending on the above part, the wheels might rub with the boots or soul plates, and may not spin properly

If the boot or soul plates are grinded by one millimeter, the wheels won’t touch.

If the frames are equipped with FR UFR Raising Plates the wheels won’t touch. 

Raising plates are not included with the frames, and must be purchased separately, if needed. 

All frames sold in pairs with Axles and Spacers included.