FR Skates - UFR Antony Pottier Pro Boot Only

Color: Black

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The Antony Pottier's Pro Model by FR Skates
Light, Comfortable, Precise
These aggressive skates are oriented for speed, control and balance.

The U-FR STREET Skates are a transformation of the well known FR FReeride skates, but with a modified mounting system to become UFS, with removable soulplates.

2 skates in 1
It means that the UFR can be the most all round skate possible, matching them with a set of UFS FReeride frames from 4x80mm up to 3x125mm set-ups.

The UFR AP will be available as Boot Only, or Complete with Antony's own FLAT frames, and 65mm FR AP Black Wheels.

    Tech Specs


    • Liners: Removable
    • Insoles: Standard
    • Shell: Plastic
    • Top Buckle: Plastic
    • Ankle Strap: Velcro Powerstrap
    • Cuff: Non-adjustable
    • Frame Mounting System: UFS
    • Frame Mounting Adjustments: 1 Position
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